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Standard Slides


Our microscope slides in accordance with the standard ISO8037-1, are made from a soda lime float glass . Our slides are cleand  thoroughly  on automated  machinery and they are ready for use .  Our frosted  area  of  20mm is  well suitable  for  a  contrasty  labelling  .   Twin  frosted  slides  are  more convenient  as  they offer more space for marking  and  can  be  used  from  either  side  without  the necessity of searching which side bears the frosted area.

Our grinding and polishing processes are carried out water-cooled in 3 different types of edges.


Cut edges

Ground 90 with or without 45 clipped corners

Ground 45 and bevelled edges


View™ Micro Slides


View™  microscope slides come with a light opaque coating in seven standard colors :  white , blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange .  Each color codes different specimens at a glance according
to urgency,  processing or staining technique, for example.  Resistant  to commonly  used  laboratory solvents, View™ slides are also resistant to scratching or sticking when stacked together.

All microscope slides are manufactured as ordered to insure maximum shelf life and glass cleanliness.


View™ Adhesive Micro Slides


View™  adhesive  microscope  slides  are  well established glass products  that  place  an  advanced adhesive  surface  on  standard  microscope  slides . These  slides  provide  superior  cell  and tissue adhesion  and  save  money and laboratory time  by eliminating the need for expensive adhesives and time-consuming coating techniques.

They are  precleaned and are made from high  quality glass .  They are individually inspected and free from moisture,dirt,and film.All of our slides are flat, uniform and durable. They are packed 72 slides/box and cellophane wrapped.

Tel:  0086 574 8722 3765         Fax: 0086 574 8722 3253        E-Mail: sales@preparedslide.com